How To Win Easily In The League Of Legends

win easily in the league of legends

League of Legends is a popular game that has become a worldwide sensation. This game launched by Riot Games and has nearly 80 million gamers worldwide. LOL players are always looking for a competitive edge so that the players need to stay up to date. Many players rely on the LOL Tier lists to pick up the best champions for the given meta. While the tier lists are valuable and they don’t capture the whole meta.

Updated LOL Tier List –

Here in this article, we will show you how to win easily using the data science algorithm.

Assists are more valuable than Kills

For every player, the number of assists is more important than the kills. To maximize the potential of your win, your team should work together. Kills should not be made solo; it should be distributed and earned together. If you get a kill alone, it is worthless gold for your team, than a kill earned by your team with an assist. We took a win rate of a team function. When you get a kill by solo, the A/D ratio is less than 1. But if your team’s assist took the kill, you can get more than 2 A/D ratio.

Objective kills

The number of objective kills is the most significant factor that contributes to a team’s victory. Few players thought is that maximizing their KAD ratio is critical, and it’s completely wrong. The player’s KDA only contributes a small amount to their team’s win rate. It would be best if you always focused on the objectives.

Earing the gold and kills are excellent when it’s not possible, but they should concern the objectives too. Teams who earn first blood ends up with 60% winning, and the team takes the first tower win 75% of the time.


These 2 are the most important things that every LOL player must do to win easily in the league of legends. If you have got stuck on any level, ask them in the below comment section. We’d try to figure it out and help you with it.

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