Many people continue to telecommute or study from home during Covid-19.Working from home poses a variety of difficulties. Among them, showing a background scenario during a video call that you might prefer not to show, either because there is disorder or people behind you who become a distraction for the rest of the participants. Google Meet plans to be a great reference in this area. It has become a professional and educational tool that has facilitated the performance of certain activities.

One of the functions of Google Meet that is already available is the possibility of blurring the background or replacing it with an image so that the user can keep the attention of their team while they are in a conference.

Background blurring is a very popular feature these days for many people because it gives them the opportunity to protect their privacy. The same is true if instead of blurring, you choose to add a virtual background, which can even add a more fun touch to your meeting, or simply replace your messy house with something more tasteful.

Enable Google Meet background blur mode
Google has implemented mechanisms in its tool that ensure our privacy is protected. From the right not to activate the camera through virtual backgrounds to the blurring of the background . They are features easy to activate and for which you do not have to pay. For first-time users of Google Meet, it is a simple procedure. The company has provided a user-friendly interface to avoid any confusion:

Before a video call

Open the Meet app and select a meeting.

Before joining, at the bottom of your selfview, tap Blur Background to turn blurring on or off.

Click Join Now .

During a video call

Touch the screen to see your own view.

In selfview, tap Blur Background to turn blurring on or off.

Blurring the background may increase battery usage. We recommend that you disable this feature if your battery is low.

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