Unexpected destinations to which you will want to travel in 2023 (for incredible… and advantageous for your pocket)

When it comes to deciding where to travel in 2023 , it seems that the trend is clear: we will look for trips at a good price. This is stated by the Skyscanner Travel Trends report , prepared by the flight platform taking into account both its search and reservation data and a study on the behavior of its users.

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“71% of respondents stated that rising costs will affect their travel booking decisions, citing the exchange rate and destination spending as the top areas they intend to save on. Among those who do not believe that their plans will be affected, the main reason mentioned is that the cost of living crisis has not yet affected their finances (45%)”, explain those responsible for the work.

So while London, New York and Paris are still the trips we all want to take, the pop-up list of couples’ favorite destinations , for example, returns very different results:

Beyond Punta Cana, which has been a favorite for years for honeymoons, rise the Azores (Terceira is one of the islands in this archipelago). And its spectacular untouched nature has a lot to do with it, since, according to the report, hiking and wildlife watching are among the three favorite travel activities to spend the holidays in 2023.

Turin is one such city growing in popularity due to low cost flights and flight platform features like “Search Anywhere” , which allows travelers to compare by price rather than by destination. “It’s normal to see ‘Anywhere’ among the top searches post-pandemic as more and more travelers think that by being flexible with the destination, they will get both better prices and great experiences . And the key is to look early : a first-hand secret this year may be a hot topic next year.”

These ‘secrets’ that will soon become trends have been investigated by the web, whose managers tell us which are the three emerging destinations whose searches have begun to increase -that is, those that you will soon begin to see all over Instagram-:

  • Zagreb , Croatia (a 182% increase in searches)
  • Amman , Jordan (a 160% increase in searches)
  • Valencia , Spain (a 59% increase in searches)
  • It makes sense: Croatia has long established itself as the affordable and ‘undiscovered’ destination for sun, beach and culture in the Mediterranean , while Jordan has entered the collective imagination as ‘the new Egypt’. Valencia, for its part, has held the title of Capital of Design in 2022 , which highlights its vast cultural panorama. Not surprisingly, at the beginning of 2022, it was already designated by CNN as one of the best destinations to visit this past year.


    Finally, we extract very valuable data from the Skyscanner report for those looking for the best value for money. The platform has analyzed millions of reservations to reveal the destinations whose prices have fallen the most this year compared to 2019, departing from Spain:

    1. Agadir, Morocco : a price drop of 68%
    2. Hong Kong , China – a 48% price drop
    3. Tokyo , Japan: a 40% price drop
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