Summer is approaching and possibly many are already planning vacations, but when you live with diabetes, you never travel alone.

Here are 5 tips for traveling with diabetes:

1. It is advisable to double or triple the medications that we may need during the holidays. In this way we will not be without in case of loss, deterioration, delays in the trip, etc.

2. It is very important to always carry a glucagon kit .

3. Do not forget to bring food to overcome hypoglycaemia , which includes both fast-absorbing carbohydrates (sugar, juices, etc.) and slow (biscuits, toast, etc.).

4. In hot areas you have to pay more attention to hydration and always drink bottled drinks. It is necessary to take into account the labeling of the drinks to check the carbohydrates that are ingested.

5. You have to pay attention to food  since these may be different from what you usually eat.

Apart from all these tips, it is very important that you consult your doctor before a trip to adjust the treatment well.

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