They reveal the simple dish that Prince William loves to eat every day

Although the Prince of Wales had access to extravagant dishes from childhood, his thing is simplicity. And so he demonstrates it with this taste that he shares with most “ordinary” people: his undying love for pizza.

According to what was Lady Diana’s personal cook, William’s fanaticism originated in his childhood when he preferred to eat the Italian dish instead of roast chicken on Sunday nights. Precisely, his mother was the one who pleased him the most : she took her children to a restaurant to taste the best pizzas in London.
But there is a type of pizza that is the absolute favorite of the heir to the throne , which is the one that has an Indian touch because the prince also enjoys, and a lot, food from that country: “He made pizza all the time to William. In my second cookbook, The Royal Chef at Home , there is a chicken tikka masala pizza recipe because he loves it and on the pizza I can combine the two flavors .”
His love of famous Italian food clearly carried on to this day, as the family of five now includes it on their own menu at home . Kate Middleton revealed how her three children like to prepare it. “I’ve done it with George and Charlotte: make pizza dough. They love it because they can get their hands dirty, ”she was able to tell her.

The exorbitant amount that William and Kate Middleton spend when they eat at the airport

Just because the Prince of Wales loves pizza doesn’t mean he doesn’t indulge in a few exotic dishes from time to time. It’s what happens every time he and his wife fly, where they enjoy a Michelin-starred menu and unlimited Dom Perignon champagne during their stay at Heathrow airport

Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton is in charge of the secret spot’s kitchen. Among the dishes that Prince William usually chooses, barbecue shredded chicken with celeriac salad stands out , as well as spiced sea bream or steamed sea bass . For dessert, there are also cakes drizzled with honey and chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and marshmallows.

In an interview with Business Insider , Heathrow VIP boss Priya Malhotra said: “Guests can order all the menu they want and drink all the Dom Perignon too . 

Visitors receive VIP treatment that begins with the arrival of a latest-model BMW pick-up at their doorstep if they so wish. The service includes transfer to the terminal and arrival at an entrance that few are aware of so that customers are not seen by the public.

The interior of the place is a private suite, the Heathrow Windsor Suite , in which there is no shortage of luxury items such as a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and works of art curated by Tanya Baxter Contemporary. In addition, there is a living room with large armchairs, a dining table, a giant television, and a private bathroom.

The service includes an employee who will take care of the luggage so that it is checked and stored safely on the plane. His tasks also include carrying out all the check-in procedures and choosing a preferred seat within the VIP sector of the flight.

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