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The advance in the reservation improves by 21 days to recover the range of between 90-96 days with respect to the date of departure of the trip, as reflected by the InterMundial Travel Trends Observatory (OTVI).
Travelers’ perception of confidence will consolidate the recovery of tourism activity throughout 2023

Advance travel bookings have increased by an average of 21 days at the start of 2023 to reach a range of between 90-96 days and thus return to the levels we had in 2019, according to data from the Travel Trends Observatory of InterMundial, which covers a 55% share of the tourism distribution market in Spain.

The data reveals a gradual return to pre-pandemic normality in traveler behavior, although there is still room to recover compared to the average reservation time of more than 100 days that came to be registered four years ago.

In any case, the trend is that the perception of uncertainty is reduced, the traveler feels more comfortable and, consequently, re-plans their trips several months in advance, which is a tremendously positive element that affects optimistic forecasts. that manages the tourism sector as a whole.

Of course, the greater advance in the reservation affects in a more evident way long-distance trips, followed by trips through Europe and the Mediterranean. However, in domestic trips, advance booking still has room for recovery.

The InterMundial Travel Trends Observatory (OTVI) warns that the levels of tourism activity and profitability prior to the pandemic have not yet been fully recovered, so it is advisable to be prudent and maintain flexibility policies so as not to break traveler confidence nor sales.

“ At this time, restoring strict cancellation policies of providers: hotels, flights, trains and, in general, in the contracting of any tourist service, would be inconsistent with the objective of consolidating the path of recovery. We must give the traveler the confidence and tranquility that he needs. Be brave and bet shrewdly to maintain flexibility, which results in higher occupancy and more reservations”, comments Carlos Uceda, director of Business Development at InterMundial.


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