The importance of technology in our lives.

Technology is useful and beneficial in many areas, especially in ours, in that of information, since it allows us to improve the organization of work in our lives (professional and personal), it allows us to reduce repetitive tasks, improve internal management of a process, offer and receive more and better individual and collective services.

As part of the process of adaptation of society to contemporary technological changes, the library has not been an exception to these, since they have led it to integrate high technology and the most advanced information storage and organization processes so that in this way way the services offered are excellent and up-to-date. Among the technological resources available in the library are; access to the Internet, different databases, CD-Rom and others.

Technology has made itself felt in all areas. In our homes we find it practically in every corner, and many times without realizing it. We have microwaves, video cassettes, compact discs, computers, video games, and others in our homes. These technology products enrich our quality of life.

In the professional area we find it everywhere, from the already common computer that facilitates and speeds up many tasks, and that connects them through the various existing programs and systems, and to places where they cannot be imagined.

Technology is very useful in our lives, but as always, we are bad at using it, since many times we do not do it in a feasible way for us.
In order to get benefits from them.
That is why it is necessary to take into account that we must be stricter in a responsible way so that technological advances are of adequate utility for the life of each one.
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