The best built-in microwaves for your kitchen

If you want to save time when cooking, the microwave may be the appliance you are looking for. These models are perfect for cooking, heating and defrosting.

The microwave is one of those appliances that, although it is not essential, having one can make our lives easier. It is very useful for heating food and liquids , among other things. On the other hand, when buying a microwave there are quite a few models that can be integrated, so they adapt like a glove to kitchen furniture. In terms of functions, they are identical to the models that are placed on the table or worktop.

Brands that have built-in microwaves in their catalog are there to give and take. If you have in mind to buy one of these appliances and you do not know very well where to throw it, then today you will have doubts . Below, I have selected some of the best built-in microwaves . All these models stand out for having a good value for money .

Cecotec GrandHeat 2090

This Cecotec microwave has a fairly minimalist design. In addition, it comes with 8 pre-configured functions so you can start cooking from the first minute and without having to configure anything. The defrosting mode is very effective as it defrosts food while maintaining its original freshness and textures.

Balay 3WMB1918

Balay’s bet is surprising for being a fairly compact and powerful microwave. It is available in white and has a 24.5 centimeter plate . The mechanical control is very practical as well as intuitive . In terms of capacity, we are talking about 17 liters. The opening of the door is by means of a button that is in the lower right part.

Bosch BEL523MS0

We move on to a high-end model from the Bosch brand. The first thing that stands out is the LED screen whose function is to facilitate use and provide all the necessary information. The Bosch BEL523MS0 microwave comes with 8 programmed recipes, has a 10- inch turntable and includes a grill as an accessory. The interior has a capacity of 20 liters.

Candy MIC201EX

If you are looking for a microwave that is functional, simple and straightforward, you cannot miss this Candy model. For starters, it has a design that looks good in all types of kitchens. Both the interior and exterior are made of a special type of steel that not only makes it easier to clean, it is also anti-fingerprint. Finally, it is worth highlighting the 8 automatic cooking programs.

Balay 3CG5172N0

Balay is a renowned brand that does not usually disappoint. Usually launches appliances that surprise by their design and characteristics. Well, this microwave was not going to be less. The front is completely black and has a very modern design . To give your dishes a more golden appearance, it has a simultaneous 1000-watt grill that does its job perfectly.

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