How To Stream IPTV On Kodi | Installation Guide

Kodi add-ons have provided endless possibilities for users around the world. Kodi is a streaming software that is not limited to streaming movies and TV shows. It also enables users to watch live TV and sports which is why we call it a complete entertainment solution. There are many Kodi addons to stream live TV on Kodi. But some of them are geo-restricted and may require the best VPN for streaming.

Kodi comes with some amazing live TV features that make the experience even better.

Why are Kodi IPTV add-ons so popular?

Kodi is a major player in the online streaming industry and its popularity is due to its features and amazing Kodi addons. Kodi Live TV add-ons are much more popular than its movie streaming add-ons. The reason for this popularity of live add-ons is that users can enjoy HD live streaming of their favorite shows, sports, events, and more without paying a subscription fee.

Normally, users have to pay for their subscription to cable, PPV, or even for live online streaming platforms. However, due to the famous third-party Kodi add-ons, users can enjoy whatever they want without spending anything, not even registration is required.

Best IPTV Kodi Addon

Here, we have listed you with the top 4 IPTV addons for Kodi.  If you are not satisfied with our list, then take a look at this ultimate Kodi IPTV addons list provided in this article.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is one of the most popular Kodi Live TV add-ons because it has been around for a long time. It has hundreds of amazing live tv channels from countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more. However, one thing to understand is that this is an IPTV add-on; hence, you might need a VPN service to unblock its service. cCloud TV is a free Kodi add-on, which means you can stream live TV for free. It has all the best quality streams and the ad-on works without any interruptions. You can also select your own server from the add-on’s server list, which displays all live servers.

BBC iPlayer

Another popular Kodi IPTV add-on that requires no introduction. However, for those of you who are new to BBC iPlayer, this is an amazing Kodi IPTV add-on. It allows users to stream IPTV channels from anywhere in the world without spending any money. BBC iPlayer offers the original BBC programs available for live streaming. Users residing in the UK can easily stream IPTV through BBC iPlayer, but users in other countries cannot use this add-on. This is a geo-restricted add-on and to use it under anywhere in the UK you will need a VPN or you can purchase its subscription as well.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

PVR IPTV Simple Client is one of the best Kodi addon options which makes it easier for you to stream a large number of live TV channels without any hassle. The add-on itself doesn’t include any kind of content, but it actually works with your existing IPTV subscription plans to serve you the best. If you want to enjoy extreme services provided by simple PVR IPTV clients, just make sure you have someone from M3U Playlist URL or XMLV EPG URL subscription provider.

The magic dragon

For all Kodi users looking for a very reliable Kodi add-on for live TV on Kodi, you can try the Magic Dragon Kodi add-on. It became a popular name in the Kodi community shortly after its release due to its high-quality streams. Initially, it was popular due to its movie streams, but gradually users began to realize that it was also a great add-on for streaming live TV on Kodi. The Magic Dragon Kodi add-on can be installed through the Supremacy Kodi repository.

How to install PVR IPTV Simple Client Kodi Addon

Here we have used PVR IPTV Single Client for installation example. PVR IPTV Single Client is the best way to increase your accessibility through online streaming. The application does not include any type of content but also offers access to other IPTV sources. Installation is quite necessary before starting the streaming process and to activate it, the only things you need to do are:

  • Launch your Kodi app and go to Settings.
  • Select the Add-ons section to continue the process.
  • Next, you need to open the Install from the repository section.
  • Select the Kodi Add-on repository from the given options.
  • Scroll down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client and Click Install.
  • Wait for PVR IPTV Simple Client Add-on installed message to appear to
  • Now Select PVR IPTV Simple Client again and Click Configure.
  • Under the General section, select the M3U Play List URL.
  • Click on it and enter the provided by your IPTV service and enter the account login credentials.

NOTE: Usually there will be two M3U URLs. One is for the channel listings and one is for the EPG (TV Guide). We will insert the EPG M3U URL in step #8 below.

Most M3U URLs require that you input your service username and password. You will usually see where these go inside the URL as they are indicated by “username=xxxx” & password=xxxx”. You will input your username and password where the x’s are located.

  • Hover over EPG Settings and choose the XMLTV URL.
  • Type the EPG M3U URL  for your TV Guide and click OK.
  • Select Ok again
  • You will receive a prompt showing need to restart. Click Ok and re-open the Kodi app.

That’s it! Installation is complete.

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