How to Easily Sideload Kodi to Firestick and Watch Movies?

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This article will tell you how to sideload Kodi to a Firestick. By doing this you get thousands of movies, TV shows, games, live channels and more. Amazon Firestick has become the most popular streaming device because of its low price and its simple jailbreaking process.

What is the jailbreaking?

This is the removal of the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer for the establishment of unauthorized software. Technically, we are not jailbreaking the device because we do not modify the firmware. We are just unleashing its potential.

When jailbreaking most of the devices such as phones or tablets, we sometimes have to install the modified firmware. As an operating system for the device, you can think of the firmware. Fortunately, we do not have to do it with firestick!

Once we jailbreak the Firestick, we can sideload the Kodi app on the device that we can not get through the Amazon App Store. In doing so, thousands of free movies, TV shows, live channels, games and more are available in your Firestick.

Jailbreaking FireStick

Firestick offers Amazon App Store, which allows us to easily install applications on our streaming device. All applications in this app store will be approved by Amazon.

Since Firestick was first launched in 2014, Amazon has taken a strong position against the use of free and low-cost streaming features. By June 2015, the notable ban which removed the popular media center application Kodi from their app store made it more popular.

When the Kodi is removed from the Amazon App Store, users must jailbreak their fireworks in order to install this popular app. Many free and inexpensive streaming applications have opened doors that can be configured.

Most people do not realize that the Amazon Fire TV key is driven by the Android platform. This differs from other popular broadcast devices such as Raku and Apple TV, where they use their own operating system.

How to Jailbreak Firestick

Step 1: Go to the home page of your FireStick by pressing the home button.

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Go to preference.

Step 4: Select the Privacy setting.

Step 5: Disable both Device Usage Data and Collect App Usage Data.

Step 6: Get back to the previous page and select Data Monitoring >> Disable it.

Step 7: Return to the home page >> Click My FireTV.


Step 8: Click Developer options.

Step 9: Select Apps from Unknown Sources and Enable it.

Step 10: Select Turn On to continue.

Now we have done jailbreaking our firesticks. This will allow us to install applications that are not available within the Amazon App store.  Now we will see how to sideload Kodi in it.

How to Sideload Kodi on FireStick

For this we have to install a free application known as Downloader, that will be available on Amazon App Store. Using Downloader we can install various apps that are not available on Amazon app store.

  • After downloading the Downloader app, Select the app.
  • Click the OK button on the remote to open the keyboard.
  • Type the following URL: and select Go.

  • Select Install.
  • Open and Launch Kodi.

We have now sideloaded Kodi. It’s time to search for add-ons which will give you the best experience about streaming. We will suggest you with some of the best Addons too.

  • Mobdro
  • Exodus
  • Maverick TV
  • Nemesis
  • The Magic Dragon

Using these add-ons you can stream all the media content.

That’s all about How to Sideload Kodi on FireStick TV and How to stream your favorite movie and other media content on it. We have provided you with the easiest way to install it. So try it out. If you have any queries, kindly comment below.


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