How to Install and use Minecraft Mods

Minecraft is one of the most popular PC games to have ever existed. Minecraft comes up with amazing and unique modifications for the game. These modifications are more commonly known as Minecraft Mods. A Minecraft mod is a medium that can be used to either extend or change aspects of the game. Another medium that goes hand with Minecraft Mods is Minecraft Resource Packages as many Mods require a specific resource package to be installed. A resource pack is a package containing images that replace original images that already exist in the game to make elements in the game looks different.

Installing the Minecraft Mods is not beginner-level stuff, which is why most Minecraft players are not aware of how they can install Mods. Well, if you want to install and use a Minecraft Mod, here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Take backups:

In case anything goes wrong, you should always have a backup plan- this is the first step you need to perform, is to take a backup of your worlds. To do so:

  • Open your File, Explorer.
  • Type %appdata% into the directory field at the top of the windows and press enter.
  • Navigate to the following directory:

“Roaming/.minecraft /saves”

Now you will see several different folders depending on how many words you have in the game. Copy all of these folders and paste them in a secure location. If anything goes wrong during the Mod installation process and any of your worlds become corrupt, all you have to do is simply copy these folders back to the directory stated above and a crisis will have been averted.

Step 2: Download and install Minecraft Forge

Minecraft does not offer an in-game option that you can use to install Mods, you are going to use an unofficial utility to do so. Out of many unofficial utilities that enable you to install and use Minecraft Mods, Minecraft Forge is undoubtedly the best. Simply download an installer and launch it when it has been downloaded. To begin the installation, leave the Install client option and click on the OK/Accepter. To make sure that Minecraft Forge has been installed, launch and set your profile to Forge, then click on Play.

Step 3: Download the Mod that you want to install

 Next, you are going to download the Mods that you want to install and use. You can find the Mods in the .RAR, .JAR and .ZIP formats for download. There are many virus-ridden mods out there, and the possibility of being scammed while trying to download one is not something to be gambled with, which is why it is recommended that you download Mods from trustworthy websites

Minecraft Mods Download site:

Step 4: Move the downloaded Mods to the /mods/ folder

Once your download has finished, you need to place it in the /mods/ folder for Minecraft Forge to be able to incorporate it into the game. To do so, you need to:

  • Cut or Copy the Mod.ZIP/ .JAR/ .RAR file.
  • Press the Windows Key + R to open the Run.
  • Type and search for %AppData% into the Run dialog and press Enter.

Navigate to the following directory:

  • “Roaming > Minecraft > mods

Paste the file you copied earlier into this folder. The next time you run Minecraft, Minecraft Forge will detect this change and incorporate the Mod into the game.

Step 5: Play Minecraft

Once you have gone through all of the above steps listed, your Mods will have been installed and ready for use- all you need to do is fire up Minecraft and play your new Mod out in all it’s a magnificent glory. Be sure to play Minecraft on the Forge profile.


If you have any problems or queries about installing the Minecraft Mods, leave us a comment below.


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