Karen radio host fired from the radio station

karen radio host fired

Diana Ploss is an American journalist in New Hampshire. She was condemned for making a disdainful video on the Morin’s Company workers. She filmed a video and posted a live video on Facebook in which she was harassing the common Hispanic street workers for not speaking English. The journalist was on fire when she came to know that street workers were not speaking English in The United States.\

How did the incident took place?

This incident took place in July 2020; The journalist Diana Ploss was on her way to the studio. She listened to the Spanish discussion from Morin’s landscaping workers to his Hispanic coworkers.

Now She started filming a video and went live on Facebook. She progressed towards the landscaping workers and said: “Excuse me, how could you speak Spanish in the United States?”.The journalist got on nerves and got mad at those workers for not speaking English.” ( Karen radio host fired )

She said, “You worked for the state, you should speak English.” The workers told her that they are working for a private company, but that woman could not just stand hearing to them. She said: “you ought to be speaking English, no matter what. It’s America, Only English, Only English.”

The woman narrated this sentence several times. The journalist got insane and showed intolerant behavior towards those workers. She said: “Is anybody here illegal?”

She then leaned towards the street and headed toward them, and after looking at the Morin’s Company logo on the car, she said: “So this guy is speaking Spanish to these workers, that’s going on here, this guy has workers who could not speak English, this is Communism. This is really Communism.” She keeps on saying these words. ( Karen radio host fired )

Why did young black man argued with the Ms.Ploss?

A young black man who was a bystander came to the street from another street. He asked the journalist: Why are you harassing these people?. She said: “They are not speaking English.”The guy said you don’t have to speak English to live and work in this country. He supported those workers and argued with that journalist. The lady could not stand this, and she shouted back: ” Because you are a blackman. you are going to protect that brown man from the white woman.”

Community Response – Karen radio host fired

That was the whole conversation between the workers and the journalist, and soon it became an internet sensation. Social media condemned that lady journalist for being rude to the Hispanic workers. The language does not have to do anything with the state. It became the attention of the media, and many TV journalists spoke against that journalist. They asked the WSMN radiostation to suspend the journalist and close her TV app.

Morin’s Owner Resoponse:

The  owner of the landscaping company also recorded his statement regarding that racist behavior; he said: “We all can take stand quickly and this type of behavior with workers is  unbearable and  will not be tolerated.”

Mr. Gary Galbo, the owner of Nashua Coins and collectible shop, and had his shop on the main street where the video was shot. He said: “He did not witness the whole situation. But the lady’s behavior with the Hispanic coworkers of Morin’s company was out of the line.” ( Karen radio host fired )

WSMN took the action:

WSMN radiostation took action against the journalist for such behavior with the coworkers. They said: “It is against our ethics and we cannot tolerate this at all.” They stated that: ” Diana Ploss is no longer associated with the sound station. We value freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and assembly. The racist or intolerant behavior of the journalist is not acceptable at all.”

The channel further said that: “We still provide and present air chances for debate, instructions, and exchange of marks.”

How Ms.PLoss respond to the criticism?

Ms.Ploss posted on her Facebook page, showing she was not accepted by society, condemning her for the viral conversation. She took the negative comments as a badge of honor. But She was wearing a “Women for Trump” hat, and it was showing that the hideous comments do not bother her, and instead of apologizing for her behavior, her response was arrogant and rude. She made a mocking statement: Now get out of my way because I want to save my country. That was her ending statement leaving the whole media in shock.

Ms.Ploss also said: “It is also intolerant to hear on other people’s discussion as soon as they talked English you don’t have thought of it.” ( Karen radio host fired )

Analysis of the whole conversation- Karen radio host fired

The response of the journalists towards the workers was completely insane, why it bothers the journalist or anyone if they do not speak English in The United States.In the United States where people from different caste, religion, language are inhabited. The United States of America has the largest population of immigrants. So, of course, they speak different languages, have different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Racist behavior still exists in some citizens of America. The immigrants should be welcomed, but we see in the news every day about the racial tension among the white and black citizens.

Listening to someone’s conversation is impolite behavior. You should respect other people’s privacy, and you should not be concerned with what they are talking about. After listening to that conversation, the journalist bombarded her statement that in America, you should speak only English. ( Karen radio host fired )

Some people gave their opinions that the journalist is an avid Trump Supporter. Trump does not respect the black immigrants in his own country, and we have seen him making the statement about black Americans that show racism.

This racist behavior is previously shown by many journalists, like the inhumane behavior of the police officer about George Floyd, who was illegally killed. The whole world took a stand for this cruel behavior to the black Americans and the unacceptance of immigrants in the society. Society needs to accept people from different cultures, norms, and countries. ( Karen radio host fired )

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