How to use Google’s new privacy features on iOS

Google recently launched a new feature that can improve user privacy. This feature allows the user to delete the search history on the phone in the last 15 minutes automatically. Reported by The Verge (16/7), prior to launch, this new privacy feature was first introduced by the company along with other Chrome service improvements at I/O 2021.

This new search history auto-delete feature is currently only available in the Google app for iOS -based devices . Meanwhile, the company plans the feature to roll out to Android devices later this year. In the Google app on iOS, this feature will co-exist with multiple timing options for auto-deleting search history, which includes automatically every 3, 18, or 36 months.

In addition to automatically, users can also delete search history manually. To use the automatic deletion of search history in the last 15 minutes feature on iOS, here’s how.

First, for iPhone and iPad users, you need to open the Google app. After that, you just need to tap on the profile photo avatar icon in the top right corner. Once you tap on it, you will be presented with several quick settings options. Then, tap on the Delete Last 15 min setting option. This setting option is right under Search History settings.

When you select it, this feature will automatically delete your entire search history in the Google app for the last 15 minutes. This feature can be a bit more satisfying because you don’t need to use Incognito mode so that no search lists are recorded. The automatic deletion of search history for the last 15 minutes can also save you from the Google Algorithm in presenting search recommendations which are quite annoying.

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