how to know if someone is using your wifi

In times of pandemic with telecommuting and virtual classes, having a good internet service can be essential for anyone, not to mention the content presented by streaming platforms that have become an everyday occurrence for leisure time. Given this, it may happen that a person is “stealing” your WiFi.
At times you may notice that your connection is somewhat slow, or somewhat slower than normal. This may be a problem with your device (cell phone, notebook, SmartTV, etc.), but it may also be that someone has accessed your network and is using it with total impunity.

First of all, if you need it, you can test the speed of your connection on the SpeedTest page , do it regularly to find out what your average speed is and know when the network is failing.

When the download or upload values ​​are far from the usual ones, on your cell phone you can download the “WOM WiFi” application, this is very intuitive and easy to use and will tell you how many devices are connected to your network and it will identify them by name ( this includes phones, televisions, tablets, Chromecasts, and any equipment that may be using your internet).

In the details you will see the IP address of each device, its name if it had one, its MAC address that serves as the unique identifier of each device.

Some advices

-Always change the WiFi name and password when you hire a new internet service. Try to put a strong password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

In the end there is no 100% secure password, but the more difficult you make it for your attackers, the more likely you are to give up.

The other practical reason is that if someone is already stealing your WiFi, they stop having access to it with the password change. You will have to search for life again to access your network.

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