How to know if my Google account is being used on another device

Do you think someone is logging in with your Google account? Check all the logins to see if someone else uses it.

How to know if they are using our Google account on another device
One of the most security- sensitive accounts that we regularly use is Google. Gmail accounts collect a lot of personal information, mainly because they are the ones we use to run Android phones. We use these devices for countless personal tasks, such as email, Internet searches, managing our contact list, storing our photos, etc.

If someone accesses our account from another device, they will be able to see all our information related to those services, which in most cases can be very compromising.

If we also have active Google services that save our actions, such as Internet searches or our movements, someone who accessed with our username and password could even see our search history and the places where we have been at all times.

If we suspect that someone may be entering our account (and even if we do not have that suspicion), we should check the list of devices that connect to discover if any appear that we do not expect.

How to see the active devices in our account

This information is accessible both from Android mobile devices and from computers.

From a computer , once we have accessed our account, we must click on our profile icon (or the place where it should be) and then on ” Google Account “.

How to know if they are using our Google account on another device
We will thus enter a large section where to manage most of the account settings. In our case, we are interested in the Security section and within this, the Your devices tab .

How to know if they are using our Google account on another device

If we click on Manage devices , we will see a list of all computers, phones, watches, tablets, etc. who have used our account in the last 28 days.

If we observe any here that is not familiar to us or that does not correspond to ours, we can assume that someone else is accessing and surely, viewing our information.

From that page we can expel “intruder” mobile devices from the account, we only have to click on the Withdraw button . However, we cannot do this expulsion with computers.

How to know if my Google account is being used on another device

From an Android we can also see this list of connected devices. To do this, we must follow the following sequence: ‘Settings> Google – Services and preferences> Google account> Security> Your devices’.

In any case, if any device that we do not recognize appears in the list of devices, the first thing we must do is change the password so that they cannot access it again.

An additional security measure recommended for all Google account users is adding 2-Step Verification . Thus, in addition to the password, another element will be necessary to access the account, for example our phone.

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