How to disable the GPS of the Watch Series 2

One of the novelties of the Apple Watch Series 2 is the GPS, which can be used for sports routines and that as soon as we link the watch to our iPhone for the first time it will ask us if we want to have it active during our sports sessions.

The problem is that after activating or deactivating it, it is a bit difficult to find the option to do the opposite. In other words, if we always have it active (when we do sports) but one day we want to deactivate it to save battery, we will have a small problem.

One option would be to go find that activation or deactivation in the settings of the watch itself, although we already anticipate that you will not find it there. Nor if you look in the iPhone application in the settings section. Where is that option then?

Well, although it may seem far-fetched, the only way we have found to activate or deactivate the GPS is in the clock application on the iPhone and inside go to the training application. There we will see a switch to deactivate the sensor along with a text that will indicate the consequences of our actions.

In particular, the place chosen by Apple to activate or deactivate the GPS seems very unintuitive to me, not to mention that we will need to do it from the iPhone despite the fact that in theory our Apple Watch is capable of going out to do sports alone, so that If during a day we are going to run and we change our mind about the GPS, it is better to carry the iPhone with us or we will have to go back the way we have come to be able to carry out the desired action.

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