how to choose this essential product in the organization of notes

Are you looking for paper punches or die cutters? We can find them in multiple sizes and shapes. Now, what should they offer the public?

Punching machines are a must-have item on any desk . Even more so if you usually take notes on pages in which you later have to make holes. What are the elements that must be taken into account when buying this product? Increased competition has led to the introduction of new variables to differentiate itself from the rest.

In relation to the organization, you should bet on paper punches that do not take up too much space. It is also recommended that they have a contained weight . Fulfilling both requirements, you can take them with you wherever you want. The classic ones are more designed to think of the same place throughout its useful life.

Made of metal or plastic? This is directly related to the use you are going to give it. If you believe only temporarily you will take advantage of this product, a plastic option is worth it. It will be more manageable when transporting it. On the other hand, if you want a durable alternative, bet on the use of metallic materials .

On the other hand, we recommend those models that have their own adjustable positioning guide system . In this way, you will not make a mistake, even by a few millimeters, when tightening the handle.

Rapesco 825 2-hole metal punch

Its main hallmark is the provision of a very simple opening system to eliminate circular scraps of paper. It is available in different colors. In addition, it has an adjustable and calibrated paper guide for more accurate and reliable hole placement.

Herlitz Paper punch with adjustable guide

This punch is prepared to make a total of 4 holes at the same time. In this way, you will no longer see your notes completely misaligned when you put them in a folder. It has an additional guide to carry out the cut and the material used for its manufacture has been metal.

Leitz NeXXt 50081001 Black Hole Punch

Thanks to its technology, this model from the manufacturer Leitz is capable of piercing up to a maximum of 30 sheets of paper in each of the attempts. The distance between each of the holes is 80 millimeters, a standard measurement among products in this particular segment.

Rapesco 1342 6-hole adjustable punch

This Rapesco product is available in various colors for greater adaptation to the public. It has the corresponding guide to improve the operation, something essential to ensure the organization of the desk. It is specially designed for organizer and journal sizes, including A6 sheets.


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