how to choose the ones that should be in any school pencil case

When filling any school case for the beginning of the course, it is important to know what type of products you can not miss. In addition to pens, pencils or pencil sharpeners, one of the reference elements will always be the erasers . Have you ever wondered what are the aspects to take into account when choosing the best ones?

The first thing that is advised to acquire are top brand products . However, not all the models they offer are the same. In this sense, the texture, the arrangement of specific designs or, simply, the presence of a more square, round or rectangular shape, can influence the decision. If your child has very small hands, it is advisable to opt for longer options.

At the same time, there are various thicknesses. It is recommended to bet on units that offer something somewhat softer to make the deletion maneuver easier . The most important thing is to guarantee that this need is covered without leaving residues on any type of paper.

In the market you can easily find packages with dozens of units . This, in addition, becomes a great alternative for schools or nurseries, since a lower cost per unit of product is achieved.

Milan 430 box of 30 erasers

These erasers are produced in synthetic rubber for a better result. In fact, they are created to be effective on any type of paper-finished surface. The package includes a total of 30 units.

Jovi 130 – box of 30 erasers

These erasers are soft to the touch. The measurements of each unit allow them not to occupy a large space in the case. The package includes a total of 30 units. They are specially designed to avoid smudging the paper with continued use.

STAEDTLER Rasoplast 52650BK4DA 4 units

The option proposed by STAEDTLER has the following measures; 65 x 23 x 13 millimeters. Thanks to this, it is an eraser that is easily manageable in the hand of an adult or a child. Ensures high-quality erasure with minimal waste on paper. A total of 4 units are included.

Faber-Castell Blister of 2 erasers

Faber-Castell has opted for the creation of a package that includes 2 erasers. The model is 7081 N. They are specially designed to easily erase graphite and colors different from that provided by a conventional pencil.


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