how to choose the best and most resistant colored A4 cards,

What are the qualities that colored A4 cards should have? It is a highly required product as school supplies. Here are tips for choosing the best ones.

The first question that should be asked when buying colored A4 cards is to see what is the use that will be given to the product. Are you going to require units of various shades? In the market they can be found in multiple measures , but this time, we will focus on the A4 model, that is, the one with the folio size.

After knowing the degree of use that is going to be given, the next thing to consider is to see what are the qualities that can be easily found. The first thing is the thickness, a measure that can be predicted in relation to the grammage per square meter . If aqueous material is to be used on paper, it is recommended that this value be higher.

Another element to take into account is the possibility of having an FSC certificate . In this way, it is guaranteed that the product has been obtained following a sustainability protocol. This is even more important considering that, in the first instance, the cardboard comes from the paper extracted from the trees.

The A4 colored card stock package may also have printer support. In addition, another alternative to take into account would be the option that the pack could include another style of paper to be able to combine them and thus obtain more interesting results.

Fixo Paper 00001493 Colorful A4 Card Stock Pack

This pack of the Fixo Paper brand has up to 50 units of multiple colors. They are 180g / m² thick. It has its own FSC certificate which guarantees that its production comes from responsible sources.

OfficeTree 54 Color Paper A4-220g / m²

This pack includes 54 sheets of DIN A4 colored cardboard with a weight of 220g / m². It is a great option for cutting or incorporating tempera and other materials with water-based solutions. It is a perfect choice for art, DIY, decorations, and craft projects.

APLI 17596 Cardboard pad with 45 sheets of 32 x 24 centimeters

The solution proposed by APLI incorporates a total of 45 cards of different materials. Included are 10 sheets of patent leather paper, 10 more of tissue paper, cellophane and cardboard and another 5 of aluminum foil. If you need the combination of these materials, you will get a great finish.


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