How to change your profile picture in Zoom and other functions

Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread to several countries, health authorities have recommended that, if possible, employees start working from home . This measure seeks to reduce the number of infections, since most offices are closed, crowded spaces with little ventilation.

After millions of people in Mexico and the world began to work from home, several tools became indispensable: computers , the internet , and applications for videoconferencing .

Although there are currently several options for videoconferencing , the most popular application during the Covid-19 pandemic has been Zoom , since it allows you to videoconference, send messages, among other functions.

Now that the world of work has changed due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus , our business card will be our profile , as it contains our photograph and information about our job.
Once you access your account, you can modify your profile.

How to change Zoom photo?
1. If you want to change your profile picture, here we explain how, it is very easy:
2. Enter your profile .
3. Select the Change option .
4. Select a new photo and save the changes.

Clever! Now your colleagues will be able to see your new profile picture.


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