Disney presents its new bipedal robots: Groot can now walk and dance

At times it looks like computer animation, but it is not. Disney has made great strides in developing its bipedal robots.

Few people know that Disney is one of the pioneering companies in the development of anthropomorphic robots, that is, they copy the anatomy of humans.

Project Kiwi is a development project of Disney Imagineering Research & Development that aims to develop bipedal robots that can walk, dance, and move like humans.

The TechCrunch website has recently visited this laboratory and has been able to see the company’s progress in this area live.

We have already seen many bipedal robots, but most do not have a natural gait. Or in other words, they do not walk like humans, nor do they have the same anatomy.

Project Kiwi is developing robots that walk naturally, just like us. The initial idea was to use them in theme parks, but they are being so realistic that we should not rule out seeing them in a movie.

As you can see in the video, Groot walks naturally, pacing his whole body with each step, and is also able to get on his feet and dance (this is worse).

It is a robot that works with batteries and has an autonomy of more than 30 minutes, but for now, it still uses a cable through which it receives instructions in real-time. Although being a prototype, we suppose that it will not be difficult to install Bluetooth or WiFi to remove the cable …

Of course, making a robot walk on two legs is not enough to make it appear real. It also has to possess natural expressions. That’s why Disney is also a pioneer in this regard, with its humanoid robots that are truly scary when they are not wearing the mask.

Although Groot already seems real, Disney has acknowledged to TechCrunch that they are not yet ready to release him in their amusement parks. They need to improve things like stability so that a little push from an overly excited child (or adult) doesn’t knock it to the ground.

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