How to properly configure VPN on Roku

One of the most popular streaming device on the market, Roku is an easy-to-use multimedia tool that comes in many different forms. You can sync your Roku device to your TV and use it stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more at your own comfort. In addition, you can connect a VPN to Roku, in order to encrypt simultaneously and to unlock the streaming potential.
If you already have a VPN, you can use it with your Roku device.

What is the need for a VPN on Roku?

Imagine a streaming device with unlimited streaming access without any geo-restriction content. Sounds pretty cool right… And this is possible with Roku VPN… Yes!… When using a VPN, you can obtain a new IP address. This means that blocked sites and services in your area are immediately available. If a person in the United States wants to stream content from the UK, they just need to use their VPN to connect to any UK server location and that’s it – they can immediately access those sites and services like as they really roamed in England.
Roku delivers a whole new world of streaming possibilities to users of multimedia devices like you can now configure channels wherever you are.


How to Install a VPN in Roku

First of all, Let’s know some basic things about this: the VPN or Smart DNS feature does not support Roku devices, which means that the only way to use a VPN is actually to install it on your router. Of course, this is an extra step, but it should be noted if you have used it or not to stop it, even if a VPN is installed on your router.
Use the smartphone immediately from your laptop (even in your smart refrigerator) VP on devices with Internet access – By setting up a VPN on your router, you can take advantage of every device you are connected to.
Another option is to have a virtual router with your VPN.

How to configure a VPN on your router

If you want to manually configure a VPN for your router, you must first make sure that your router is capable of tuning the VPN. Remember that in every sense there is no VPN capability. In addition, the installation process varies from router to router so one guide you may not work for other devices.

If your router does not support VPN performance, you can install the new software that “Flash” it frequently. One of the most common methods is to install open source firmware, such as DD-WRT or tomato, that allows your router to run a virtual private network.

Note: that your router may be permanently damaged if this procedure is not actually performed.

Another option is to select a VPN offering preconfigured router applications. If you want to enrich your router or if you want to manage a complex installation process, we recommend using ExpressVPN. As our highest rated VPN provider, it offers the best comprehensive services at the asking price. More than that, the company offers its own router application for easy installation.

For some reason, if you do not want to connect your VPN to your router, you will be called a virtual router to use Roku with a VPN. All you need is a VPN connection, a Mac or Windows device, and an open Wi-Fi hotspot.

How to use a VPN with Roku

When your VPN is now connected, you can stay at the next level. To do this, you must first ensure that your VPN and Stop are configured in the same location. Although there are many options to choose from, we are sticking to British and American currents.

If you are in another country, you can configure your VPN directly to serve content in the States. First, make sure you are connected to a VPN connection in the United States. After that, go to and switch to your device settings, connected to the VPN, on his device.

If you do not have an existing account, you can do it now. Your settings are the US For new users, you need to add a zip code. Enter a US zip code and continue. You can now use your VPN to streamline US content to Roku.

To connect from anywhere in the world, you must reset the factory settings to stop. Once the settings are reset, the VPN connects to your Roku menu and takes advantage of the location associated with the server space that you want to connect to the server space, streams without flows.

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