Acer Suffers Ransomware Attack Demands $50 Million, Most To Date

Acer suffers the biggest ransomware attack in recent years, and they have until March 28 to pay $50 million.

Acer , the Taiwan-based computer giant, has suffered an alleged ransomware attack demanding $50 million , the largest amount demanded for such attacks so far.

One of the main security threats that organizations face are ransomware attacks , a system crash and information theft that hackers carry out to amass millions of dollars and that in recent years have gone from being an attack aimed at the final consumer and are focusing more on organizations of all kinds. The ransomware attack was the work of REvil , the same protagonists of the attack on the currency exchange company Travelex last year.

As reported by bleepingcomputer , the attackers have had access to the manufacturer’s network through a vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange. The attackers give until March 28 for Acer to pay the ransom or else they will leak all the data stolen in the attack.

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